Kinko’s name game

July 1st, 2015

After 30 years of fretting over making his company solvent, selling stuff like NCR books, Kinko’s founder Paul Orfalea retired as chairman of the board.

The irrepressible Orfalea also wanted to set the record straight on one aspect of Kinko’s lore.

That is to say that the Kinko’s name emanated from his nickname.

“I’ve never told anybody this story before,” Orfalea said. “I never told anybody because I just thought of it now.

”This is how I got the nickname.

Orfalea continued: “I had a roadside vegetable stand in Pasadena where we sold corn. I worked my way through college with that vegetable stand. They used to call me Kink Head in college because of my kinky hair; either Kink or Head.

“People would come by the stand and ask, ‘What kind of corn is this?’” Orfalea continued. “We didn’t know. So my friend said this is Kinko’s corn.”

No Macaroni Necklace For MY Mom!

June 30th, 2015

My wife’s birthday was fast approaching and my gift ideas were rapidly vanishing. I’m always at a loss to find a gift that my young daughter could present to her Mom. I wanted it to teach her the lesson of “giving” while making her feel that she herself chose the gift. I really wanted the gift to be something that my wife would actually LIKE, instead having to feign joy. One of her friends saved the day with coffee cups that she makes and personalizes. Somehow she uses bone china decals to produce a lovely professional looking china coffee cup that both my daughter and wife were delighted with. My wife was genuinely smiling gleefully as she opened it — so was my daughter. And (selfishly), I came out of this as the hero!

Indoor Scenery That Looks Virtually Like Reality

June 28th, 2015

If you have never seen the wonders that green screens can add to a home or office setting, you will be as amazed like I was at first. My business associate and long time friend, told me about their plans to have one installed as am indoor instant garden setting, for use where they had their business meetings. At the preview meeting, there was an real looking background that created an instant garden scene that was projected onto the chroma key background behind them. They used streaming video and a variety of interesting special effects, but that was all just part of the most amazing scenery the room full of viewers had ever witnessed. It all interacted with my friend’s presentation live and seamlessly. It was really one of the most amazing things I had ever witness, plus the images were projected with all the clarity expected from high definition.

California Autumn

June 26th, 2015

When my sister moved to Santa Cruz from the Midwest, we all teased her about it. We joked she would become a hippie chick and end up living in a commune and date nothing but surfer dudes.

So when I visited her and she picked me up wearing a flowing paisley dress and sandals, even though it was already October, I couldn’t helo but laugh. He apartment, with its colorful paper lanters and view of the tattoo parlor across the street, didn’t help.

But after my first day exploring the town I could definitely see the attraction. We wandered the boardwalk, took a scenic bicycle ride along the coast, and pampered ourselves with a pedicure and thai massage Manchester. I tought about the predicted snowfall I would be returning to in a few short days, and I had to admit that becoming a hippie might not be so bad after all!